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epic no jutsu

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epic no jutsu

Post by shataiki on Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:55 am

Name of jutsu: genti kenbu no jutsu

Type of jutsu: genjutsu/tijutsu


Level requirement:none

Other requirements (if any):large source of chakra, opponent being withing 20 meters

Description:in an epic blast, you summon a large amount of chacra and channel it out of your palms with them held out in front of you, your opponent becomes dased and crashes into a black world where a second lasts a year... and he becomes paralyzed like kakashi did when he first ment itachi. the blast of pure chakra severs a lot of chakra vains causing the opponent to lose use of any jutsus for a period of time, it may also burn the person severly on the skin.

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